Friday, June 18, 2010


It seems that as soon as I boarded the plane from Dehli to London, I folded up my Indian life, put it safely away in a box and closed the lid. India, the village, and my work seemed so far away that it felt impossible to miss them. In fact, it was even difficult for me to get excited about them, like by boxing up that experience so completely I cut myself off from accessing the accompanying emotions. I felt unable to adequately convey to inquisitive friends the depth of my experience in India, the joys and challenges, because I couldn’t feel any of it.

Now I’m letting India out of the box. Something about the break at home, the fact that I’m working fulltime for RDF, and that I will be finishing out the year make the experience feel less passing. As Louise said, India will now be more integrated into my life narrative. I hope this means that I will carry the emotions, lessons, stories, and friendships on into the rest of my life, wherever I end up next.

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