About This Blog

One morning last spring, I found my mind wandering as I read Tom Robbins’ A Fierce Invalid Home From Hot Climates on my bus ride to work. I couldn’t concentrate on the character’s travels through African desert and South American jungle because I was too busy picturing myself in those amazing places. And that was when it hit me, why shouldn’t it be me there? That moment was the beginning of this particular journey  . . .

Through an old coworker, my Dad connected me with the Rural Development Foundation in India. I sent an email to learn about volunteer options and got a reply from Vandita: “When can you come?” Well, that was easy!

At the time, only half of my six or so jobs were paid, and those only minimally so. Over the next months I dutifully saved my pennies, but without the generous help of friends and family I wouldn’t be here right now. The money donated by so many helped cover the basic travel expenses of getting to India and the support of all has meant so much to me throughout this experience.

This blog was started in order to share the details of exactly what you have all contributed to. Read on for reflections on the work I am involved in as well as tales of life in an Indian village, complete with rogue monkeys, wild rickshaw rides, and much more!