About My Work

I work/volunteer full-time with the Rural Development Foundation (RDF) in Andhra Pradesh, India. RDF is a local nonprofit that has started and manages five schools and one junior college with the mission of providing quality education for underprivileged rural children. The schools strive to develop students who will become empowered leaders of their communities, thus working toward the vision of a transformed and prosperous rural India.

My duties with RDF are varied and have undergone numerous transformations since I first arrived last December.  I’ve learned to expect the unexpected in India, but for the time-being at least, I think my job description is relatively stable.

My new, official, self-created title is “Operations and Programs Manager.” Thank you Molly, Megan and Dawn for your input on my “catch-all” title! “Operations” refers to the Executive Assistant duties, which are mostly drafting correspondence and organizing board meetings (far more work than it sounds!). The “Programs” include volunteers, visitors, website development, and Youth Empowerment.

Youth Empowerment is a class that I teach to students using a curriculum provided by Bridges To Understanding. Bridges is a Seattle-based nonprofit with sites in schools around the world. Participating classes teach digital storytelling as a way to empower students as global citizens and connect them across cultures via an online forum. In my class we use photography and storytelling as a medium to explore social issues within the local community.

It’s my good fortune to be involved with two inspiring nonprofits and have the opportunity to contribute in some way to the amazing work they are doing. And to top it off, I get to do all of this while living in India!