Wednesday, February 16, 2011

A Little Direction

I always figured I would go to grad school, I just didn’t know what for, and that seemed like a pretty important aspect of the decision. It was actually Miles that made graduate school seem like a realistic option for me. When I met him two summers ago he had a one-way ticket to an internship in Argentina and I had a one-way ticket to a volunteership in India. Our paths seemed similar, aside from that pesky opposite side of the world factor, except that having just completed his Masters in Public Diplomacy, Miles seemed to be one step ahead of me. Well, he is a year older!

Although Public Diplomacy was not my exact interest, it was far closer than the law/medical/business degrees the rest of my friends were pursuing. Not to mention the Political Economics PhD, yes, Nikhar, I think you’re crazy! And what Miles was doing post-degree certainly seemed more in-line with my interests. With this nudge in the right direction and a conveniently timed Nonprofit Grad Fair followed by jumping into the deep end of the grassroots nonprofit world via RDF in India, I found my grad school direction: an MPA in Nonprofit Management.

So, applications are in and fingers are crossed. Send a little luck my way and stay posted for the final decision!